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Masterclasses and Tastings

A Whisky or Gin Masterclass is an engaging journey through the process of creating a product, how it is made, and what makes each of our spirits unique. Our gins heavily rely on native botanicals, and the Gin Masterclass includes a presentation from Clarence Bruinsma from Bush to Bowl, an Indigenous nursery who supplies much of the botanicals to us. Clarence talks about the food properties of the botanicals we use mores than their influence over the gins we make. It is a fascinating journey into an entirely new aspect of culinary excellence.

Whisky masterclasses involve tastings and, if desired, blind tastings of Goodradigbee product against traditional scotches. It is fun, and you would be amazed at the preferences that emerge.

Costs for a Gin Masterclass is $145 with food, $120 without.

Cost for a Gin Tasting is $65 with food, $35 without.

Cost for a Whisky Masterclass is $145 with food, $120 without.

Cost for a Whisky Tasting is $65 with food, $35 without.

Create your own Gin $200 per head. $230 with lunch or dinner, min of 5 people.

“People said I would be mad to offer blind tasting sessions. But for me it's about educating the customer in a fun way.”

John O'connor, Founder